BRIAN - Biometric Recognition Imaging Analysis Node


BRIAN is the ultimate Face Recognition system with AI that combines the power of facial recognition algorithms and artificial intelligence to an elegant terminal that can be used for Time Attendance and Access Control. Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Biometrics, BRIAN delivers the best face recognition technology in an elegant terminal built on a rugged Android platform. Equipped with 4G GPRS data transfer, Wi-Fi communication with built-in battery, BRIAN becomes a truly portable face recognition system ideal for remote site attendance requirements. Achieve precise attendance tracking & secure access control with its generous user limit of 20,000 users. BRIAN runs on a powerful 8-Core Processor, recognizing registered users using face recognition in less than 2 seconds per registered user, from 3 meters, making it the most robust face recognition biometric system in its class.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Face Recognition
  • 4G GPRS Communication
  • Built-in Wi-Fi & Optional Battery Backup
  • User Capacity of 20,000 Users
  • 2 Seconds Authentication on 1:20K Users
  • Recognition distance of up to 1.5 meters
  • Powerful Face Recognition- Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Face Recognition Technology
  • HD Face Recognition Camera- High-Definition Camera aids quick & efficient Face Recognition
  • Android OS- Built on scalable Android OS
  • Large User Capacity- Register up to 20K Users with Face Recognition
  • Unique Registration- Upload User Photograph to register user. AI will take care of the rest.
  • Fastest Face Recognition- With 2-Seconds per user on 1:20K, is the fastest Face Recognition System in its class
  • Wi-Fi Communication- Easy Networking with Wi-Fi communication
  • Wireless Communication- WiFi data communication module
  • Bluetooth (Optional)- Enhanced scalability with Bluetooth
  • 4G GPRS Portable Operation- 4G GPRS Communication with Built-in Battery
  • 1.5 Meters Recognition- Face recognition of registered users from up to 1.5 meters away
  • Powerful Processor Powered by an efficient & fast 8-Core Processor
  • 10.1” Touch Screen Display Large 5 Point Capacitive Touch Screen Display
  • 2-1 User Authentication Supports Card & Face Recognition with combination options
  • Large Data Storage 16GB Built-in ROM with 2GB RAM
  • Aesthetic Design Elegant & aesthetic product design & operations
  • Face Recognition Time Attendance Cloud Ready Face Time Attendance Solution
  • Face Recognition Access Control Secure Face Recognition Access Control Security System

BRIAN is a supreme Face Recognition System that utilizes the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to accurately identify registered users using Face Recognition Technology. With its generous and elegant design, the product fits aesthetically into your classy office environment & recognizes users using face recognition technology while they simply pass by the unit. This face recognition terminal eliminates the requirement of any form of physical contact to identify users, contrary to the standard biometric identification requirements

Designed on a rugged Android platform, BRIAN achieve superior performance in user identification with its powerful HD Face Recognition Camera. Built for large transactions, BRIAN can recognize users at a speed of 2 seconds per user on its full load of 20,000 users.

Users’ faces can be identified from as far as 3 meters with ease. The product is also capable of identifying up to 5 users simultaneously, making it the ultimate face recognition solution for large user flow environments

A potent 8-Core Processor powers BRIAN facilitating fastest performance in a face recognition system. Its Octa-core processor packs the right power to perform all the advanced tasks, including face recognition, data movement, graphical support, and all related calculations with no system lag. The Octa-core processor also has a very low power consumption making BRIAN complaint to green power consumption standards

A truly portable Face Recognition Terminal with its built-in 4G GPRS communication and internal battery backup, BRIAN is an ideal time attendance terminal for site operations with easy data collection and centralization  

BRIAN is a cloud-ready face recognition system making it scalable to be accessed from anywhere in the globe using an active internet connection

User registration is a breeze with BRIAN. Simply upload photographs of the authenticated users into the terminal. Its artificial intelligence is designed to identify the actual face from the uploaded photograph, eliminating possibilities of fake user recognition using photographs for face recognition.

The product screen is a 10.1” capacitive HD Touch Screen Display. An efficient 5-point touch screen makes navigation within the terminal quick and easy. BRIAN is also equipped with a wireless card reader that reads contactless smart cards from 5 – 7 CMS, addition an additional mode of user identification and security.

With its aesthetic & elegant design, BRIAN fits right into your corporate office environment featuring as a welcoming screen at your door. BRIAN functions flawlessly recognizing authorized personnel using their facial biometrics effectively for accurate time attendance recording as well as access control security automation requirements.

Addition of other external inputs like a thermal sensor or phone can be paired with BRIAN using an optional Bluetooth communication protocol.

 BRIAN, the ultimate portable face recognition product for time attendance as well as access control requirements

  • Android OS
  • Face Recognition
  • Time Attendance
  • 20,000 Users
  • 3M Reading Distance
  • Card Reader
  • 4G GPRS Module
  • Built-in Battery Pack
  • Cloud Ready Software
  • Access Control
  • Face detection under all lighting conditions
  • Works seamlessly with other models such as AIDEN, HT PRO, HT CC-35, HT FC-35 & amp; HT G-35

Internet explorer based biometric attendance and access control software – Free License

Enhanced Automation Features
  • Automatic data analysis
  • Auto-emailing reports at predefined intervals
Easy Integration
  • Open database structure
  • Integrates easily with ERP & Payroll applications
Software Features for Fingerprint Attendance Recording
  • Open License Internet Explorer based software
  • Built on multi-tier software architecture
  • Incorporates latest SecureID® validation for user login
  • Individual Employees Login to view their attendance, request leaves, describe late attendance reasons etc.
  • Supports concurrent users signing in
  • Online hostable software – access from anywhere in the world after hosting
  • Supports separate privileges for each software user (read/write/delete etc.)
  • Unlimited users and unlimited departments
  • Supports unlimited shifts for well-organized attendance recording
  • Shifts Roster be planned/assigned on Daily, Monthly, Weekly & Yearly basis
  • Separate shifts can be assigned to each staff
Software Features for Fingerprint Access Control System
  • Software includes a live-view module to view the individual outside the door before unlocking
  • Multiple Door control timings for individual users and departments
  • Supports keep open / keep closed access control rules.
  • Automatic data collection can be scheduled at multiple intervals
  • Supports live monitoring & amp; surveillance footage recording
  • Supports door unlocking directly from the software
  • Supports full premise lock down as well as evacuation mode (complete unlock) from the software.
  • Supports Real Time attendance Monitoring
Advanced Reporting Features
  • Report Types: Monthly Report, Department wise reporting, Personnel / individual reports, Symbol report, Daily Time, Daily Sheet, Daily Report, Record/Photo display Report, Unusual Report, Wrong Swipe / key Report
  • Report search supports different criteria (e.g. Absence, leave, late, holiday, holiday overtime, regular overtime etc.)
  • Show/Hide reports’ columns using form settings




SDM450 (8 cores 1.8G)

Authentication Modes

Face Recognition / Contactless Card


2MP 1.5mm 117°



FAR (False Acceptance ratio)


FRR (False Rejection ratio)


Authentication time (1:N Matching fully loaded)

Less than 1 second

Storage Capacity


User Limit (1:1)


Operating System

Android 8.1

Communication methods

4G, Wi-Fi, LAN


Yes built-in (Up to 2 Hours)



Door Control

Internal & external door controller supported


10 & IPS 720p Capacitive 5 Point Touch 6H Hardened


Input: 12V DC, consumption 25W

Card Reader

Contactless Smart Cards & amp; NFC

Temperature tolerance

-0° ~ 45° C


10 % ~ 90% (Non Condensing)

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 10,11, Server 2016


310 x 175 x 32 (mm)

  • Touchless Biometric Face Recognition Time & Attendance Recording
  • Suitable for Hygiene Sensitive Environments
  • Highly adaptive for on-site labor workforce scenarios using 4G GPRS
  • Bluetooth connectivity for external inputs (Thermal sensor, phones etc.)
  • Automation of HR management and administration
  • Comprehensive & flexible attendance and workflow management
  • Workforce and Payroll automation
  • Effective third-party Payroll Software integration
  • Implement flexible work timings to motivate your staff with perfect work & life balance
  • Minimize paperwork & fully automate HR tasks such as leave controlling, shift management, attendance logs etc.
  • Reduce operational costs & improve efficiency
  • Prevent misconduct & negligence with HR as well as organization security
  • Seamlessly integrate with emergency and fire alarm systems to fully comply with civil norms

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