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User behavioral analytics

Behavioral Analytics is a subdivision of business analytics that focuses on how and why computer users behave & under what context. Business analytics has a more broad focus on the who, what, where and when of business intelligence. Behavioral analytics focuses and narrows the scope of business analytics, allowing one to take seemingly unrelated data points in order to extrapolate, predict and determine errors and future trends.

Behavioral analytics utilizes user data captured at the computer that positively helps to implement effective insider threat detection. Veriato 360 adopts the following strategies to effectively analyze user behavior of computer users to safeguard your organization.

Our Solution – Veriato 360 & Veriato CNE Employee Productivity Monitoring

  • Identify The Insiders -The Dictionary defines insider as “a person who belongs to a group or organization and has special knowledge about it” and “a person who is in a position of power or has access to confidential information”. Every employee is an insider. Some, because of their position or access to confidential information, are higher risk than others.
  • Consumer ReportsAssess Insider Risk -It is understood that the greater the access, the higher the risk. Determine what information and systems are confidential and critical to your organization (Customer data, employee PII - personally identifiable information, employee PHI I protected health information, trade secrets, plans and strategy, etc.) and group employees based on their access to that information. Less access = lower risk employees More access = higher risk employees
  • Deploy User Behavior Analytics -Deploy Veriato 360 Recon User Behavior Analytics across your lower risk and higher risk pools. Veriato 360 Recon focuses on patterns of human behavior, continually learning what is normal, identifying anomalies that indicate potential threats, and alerting you when they occur.

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