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SoftActivity TS Monitor – User Activity Monitor for Terminal Server

Several companies to use a Terminal Server in order to cut IT costs. Users can log in remotely so they can work from anytime, anywhere with the help of Terminal Server. However, high risks of data misuse & data theft arise due to such remote access. Hence, it is important to have the right monitoring solution in place that can record in real time the activities on your terminal server. SoftActivity TS Monitor does just that.

Get total control over your corporate network. Install SoftActivity™ TS Monitor on your Windows Terminal Server or Citrix. Use in a tandem with our Activity Monitor™ software that records what employees do on their workstations locally outside of remote desktop session window. SoftActivity™ TS Monitor software is an excellent replacement for Citrix SmartAuditor that is no longer available starting from XenDesktop 7. Use TS Monitor as an alternative to Citrix SmartAuditor to record usage of your Xen Apps. It also records much more detailed information, rather than just a screen in Smart Auditor.

SoftActivity TS Monitor – User Activity Monitor for Terminal Server
  • Log Terminal Server Sessions
  • Supports All Windows Servers
  • Detailed Activity reports
  • Document Security
  • Email Monitoring
  • Record Multiple User Accounts
  • Easy Deployment
  • Multilingual Application
Detailed SoftActivity features:

Increase productivity.Prevent insider data theft. Run SoftActivity TS Monitor invisibly, without slowing down the server. When people know they’re being watched, they are act more responsibly.

Monitor employeesfrom anywhere on your Terminal Server. They won & rsquo;t even know you & rsquo;re there. Audit Windows Remote Desktop sessions, Citrix shared desktop and virtual applications.

Log websites they visitThey need to go off your company site to do their work. They don & rsquo;t need to be on social media or shopping sites on work time, though. Generate complete reporting of their network usage.

Record dataRecord e-mails, IM chats and other workplace communication.

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