SIRA Approved Companies

HEYCE team of CCTV engineers have undergone training & are certified and approved by SIRA department of the Dubai police to carry out the CCTV installation according to the security norms laid out to SIRA Approved Companies to implement the international best practices for ensuring security and effective CCTV Surveillance for establishments as well as personal or residential usage.

HEYCE is one of the leading SIRA approved companies in Dubai providing SIRA Certified Access Control and CCTV installation hroughout UAE. HEYCE provides SIRA certified CCTV Solutions with SIRA certified DVR, NVR and CCTV Cameras to ensure compliance with SIRA norms to help companies get SIRA certificates for their licensing purposes.


The Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) was established in 2016 by a decree from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. SIRA seeks to provide Dubai with the highest levels of safety and security through the implementation of international best practices in security systems, services, and guards. SIRA department was earlier know as, the Department of Protective Systems (DPS), an associated arm of Dubai Police. SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) is a government body responsible for managing the security industry in Dubai, UAE. Dubai government created SIRA in 2016 to work as an independent agency.

SIRA protects lives and properties by suggesting new laws and regulations, applying smart systems, training security cadres, and inspecting various types of facilities. SIRA Approved Companies in Dubai have stringent norms, training, and testing by Dubai Police in order to be certified and listed as SIRA Approved Companies.

SIRA Certified CCTV Installers in Dubai

Dubai government’s security regulations require most companies using warehouses, labor accommodations or requiring to be ISO certified require to be SIRA certified. These regulations apply to companies engaged in certain types of business activities including, but not limited to banks, money exchanges, jewelry shops, departmental stores, storage providers, schools, hotels, residential buildings, shopping malls, sports clubs, & various other establishments. Additionally, some businesses also need to install an intruder alarm system to get SIRA certified. The latest regulations make CCTV installations mandatory at all entry and exit points for all buildings and villa compounds.

For business licensing performing the above listed activities, a certified and SIRA approved electronic surveillance system needs to be installed to get approval for their licensing. The CCTV installations must be carried out by SIRA approved companies in as a first step. After the CCTV installation, the SIRA auditors audit and approve the installations post which SIRA releases its NOC for a new trade license. Similarly, for existing businesses, similar SIRA auditor’s successful audit report is needed to get SIRA NOC for their trade license renewal.

To ensure hassle free procedures right from sourcing the right CCTV products that are SIRA approved, to getting the installations done according to SIRA regulations and to obtain the SIRA NOC for your licensing activities, HEYCE can help you with the complete process. HEYCE being a SIRA certified & approved CCTV is able to realize the CCTV installation requirements for all types of businesses. With our training and working knowledge clubbed with our extensive CCTV installation experience helps us in providing SIRA certified CCTV and alarm solutions effectively, helping your business to get SIRA approval and NOC in the shortest possible time.

How to get SIRA NOC for Trade License?

  • Choose HEYCE as your SIRA approved Security Service Provider.
  • HEYCE will study the CCTV design drawings provided by your SIRA approved Consultant.
  • With the recommended modifications, your company can submit these CCTV drawings to the Municipality to receive your Construction Permit.
  • HEYCE executes your CCTV installation according to SIRA regulations.
  • HEYCE installs VGS (Video Guard Systems) where required.
  • HEYCE maintains your account on SIRA portal to authenticate details of your CCTV system.
  • HEYCE establishes VGS connectivity with the SIRA authorities.
  • HEYCE will now apply for a SIRA audit inspection.
  • SIRA assigns an auditor to inspect your CCTV installation and issue a report.
  • HEYCE team provides onsite assistance during the inspection to ensure smooth audit.
  • HEYCE provides the SIRA NOC once the SIRA auditor approves the CCTV installation.

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