Electronic Locker Control

Locker Access Controller - Electronic Locker Control

Electronic locker control systems are advanced solutions that revolutionize the management of personal storage spaces in various environments. These systems utilize electronic locks, keypads, or biometric readers to provide secure access to lockers while eliminating the need for traditional keys. With electronic locker control, users can conveniently store their belongings and gain access through personal identification methods or access codes. These systems offer numerous benefits, such as enhanced security, as they can track and record locker usage, preventing unauthorized access and theft. Additionally, electronic locker control systems provide administrative features that enable efficient management, such as remote access control, automated allocation of lockers, and the ability to generate usage reports. Whether in workplaces, gyms, schools, or public facilities, electronic locker control systems optimize security, streamline operations, and provide a hassle-free experience for users.

HEYCE locker control systems can be implemented using locker controllers integrated with keypads or biometric readers to efficiently manage access to personal storage lockers thereby eliminating usage of conventional keys or dials codes for access to lockers.

Digital Locker Access Controller

Model: HT LCM

  • Operating Mode :

    Locker Access Management Controller

  • Recognition Type :

    Face, Fingerprint, Card, PIN

  • Operating Temperature

    -25℃- 75℃

  • Working Humidity :


  • Operating Voltage:

    12V DC

  • Working Current :


  • Drive Current :


  • Realy Out Put :

    16 NO/NC Realay for 16 Doors

  • Data Capacity :


  • Communication :

    RS485 and TCP/IP

  • Data Retention :

    10 years Offline Capacity

  • Data Transfer Methods :

    Real-time, non-real-time

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