LEXI - Linear Entry Exit Identifier


LEXI is a sleek & elegant card reader used for access control security automation. The unique product design of LEXI makes it the most elegant as well as discreet access control card reader.

  • Sleek RFID Card Reader
  • IP65 Rated, Weatherproof
  • Slim hemispheric elegant design
  • 125KHz & 13.56Mhz Dual-band reader
  • Quick & efficient reading
  • Responsive color LED
  • RFID Card Reader Dual band - Mifare, Radio Frequency (RFID) Card Reader
  • Sleek Design Slim, hemispheric & elegant design
  • IP Rated IP65 Rated Waterproof structure
  • Outdoor Design Built to work well in all weather conditions
  • Multiple Form Factors Works with a variety of form factors including cards, key fobs, wristbands etc
  • Flexible & Scalable Design Perfect adaptability with all types of door control modules
  • Responsive LED LED notifications for authentication, denial, alarm, etc.

LEXI is a fusion of beauty and brains resulting in an elegant & efficient access control RFID card reader product.

LEXI is a proximity Mifare & RFID card reader which is encased in a small shell. LEXI conforms to IP65 norms, making it outdoor compatible. The product is designed for efficiency in continuous operations.

LEXI reads Mifare smart cards and smart tags. LEXI is connected via Weigand to work as a slave reader with controllers (HT ACM and HT CC-35) which act as it’s master unit during access control.

LEXI reader can be discreetly mounted on any surface material. Once the hardware is operational, LEXI emits a low frequency, low level, electromagnetic field. When a card is presented within this electromagnetic field, the microchip (embedded inside the card) is activated. In turn this microchip transmits a unique pre-coded identification (ID) number. After decoding and converting this data into 26-bit Wiegand format, LEXI sends it to the external controller or master unit through its connecting cable. Upon receipt of this information the controller determines the relevant action necessary to be taken in response to the card presented.

With its innovative & small size, wide-ranging utility and secure communication protocol, LEXI is a very durable and efficient access control salve contactless smart card reader that accomplishes all data capture & door security automation requirements with very low cost of ownership and no maintenance requirements.


  • RFID Card Reader
  • Anti-vandal, Shockproof & Water Resistant
  • Contact Free Operation
  • 3-8 CM Reading Distance
  • LED Notification
  • Weigand Output

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  • Enhanced Biometric Security
  • Reduced Ownership Costs
  • Secure Access Control

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  • Anti-pass back & Anti-trail
  • Door Interlocking
  • Emergency Remote Locking / Unlocking
  • First EM Card Access Profiles
  • Multi RFID Card Access Profiles
  • Super Password (PIN Code)
  • Flexible pope Dom management
  • User Capacity: 20000
  • Log Capacity: 100000
  • TCP/IP & RS485 Communication Methods
  • Built-in power source supplying 12V, 3A to peripherals
  • Battery backup support with auto-charge function
  • LED notification for all functions.
  • Real Time Monitoring & extraction
  • Multiple Time-Zone Profile & Access Privileges
  • Fire Alarm Integration
  • Unlocking, Intimidation, Invalid card Swiping, etc.)
  • CCTV Integration Interface
  • Online Patrol Function
  • Custom Map loading
  • Flexible, individual & time range pope Dom management
  • Real-time photo display, door status display
  • Multi-time zone management
  • Offline operation
  • Real time available staff count
  • Quick staff position report
  • Alarm support for various flags
  • Automatic data upload and collection scheduling
  • Time & attendance functions with 99 shifts, multi-overtime & reporting options
  • Online patrol & related reports
  • Fixed dining functions & related reports
  • Interface locking & super password
  • Indoor population checkout



Operating Frequency

13.556 MHz & 125KHz

Card Type

Mifare Classic, HID, EM, RFID, NFC

Reading Distance

125KHz: ≤5cm 13.56MHz: ≤2cm

Reading Speed

0.1 Sec

IP Rating

IP6 Water Proof

Output Format

Wiegand 26-37 bit, HID card output wiegand 26-37 auto

Operating Voltage

DC +12V

Operating Current

40 ± 5 mA

Power Consumption


Temperature Tolerance

-20~50° C

Storage Temperature

-25oC ~ 60oC

Humidity Tolerance

0~95% (non-condensing)




150 X 30 X 20 mm

Max Data Transmit distance to controller

100 Meters

  • Discreet Access Control Card Reader
  • Automation of complete premise security
  • Comprehensive & amp; flexible integration with other security components like CCTV, Intrusion Alarm Systems etc.
  • Improve organizational workflow management
  • Realize security compliance requirements
  • Protect & amp; efficiently secure highly sensitive areas
  • Improve transparency between staff and organization
  • Reduce operational costs & amp; improve efficiency
  • Prevent misconduct & amp; security negligence
  • Seamlessly integrate with emergency and fire detection alarm systems to fully comply with civil defense regulations. 

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