gprs fingerprint attendance system

GPRS Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control System


Enjoy stress- free data centralization between remote locations with advanced GPRS enabled Biometric Fingerprint Time & Attendance and Access Control system HT G-35. With its built-in, SIM based, wireless GRPS data transmission technology, HT G-35 seamlessly synchronizes data from the remote terminals with your central server.

  • GPRS Enabled Biometric System
  • Built-in 3G Module
  • Live Fingerprint Detection
  • Ideal for Remote Sites
  • Live HD Camera
  • Supports Handheld Operation
  • 3G, WiFi & ADSL Communication
  • 6 Attendance Function Keys
  • Access Control & Time Attendance
  • GPRS Data Centralization- SIM based GPRS enabled biometric system efficiently centralizes data between remote sites
  • Live Finger Detection -Live Fingerprint detection sensor using OSSF Technology
  • Live HD Camera -High resolution camera captures photographs as well as video surveillance footage
  • High Resolution Accurate Fingerprint Recognition -Efficiently reads even the toughest fingerprint with 850 dpi fingerprint sensor
  • HD Display Screen- Crystal clear and laser sharp 3.5” True Color LED display
  • Enhanced data transfer- Fast & efficient data transfer with GPRS, TCP/IP, ADSL and USB flash drive
  • Optimum Wireless Communication- Built-in GPRS communication. WI-FI communication optional
  • 3G Module- Built-in 3G module for high-speed communication
  • Large capacity- Unlimited users and unlimited log capacity with expandable SD memory
  • Active Biometric Fingerprint Time & Attendance- Choice of 6 customizable function keys for employee time attendance recording
  • State-of-the-art Linux PIT Operating System- Displays notifications, Plays music, advertisement slides, birthday wishes etc.
  • Secure Access Control Security- Incorporates built-in door controller with fully customizable access control rules & timings

Effectively integrating biometric fingerprint recognition to reliable GPRS connectivity, HG G-35 helps in easy data centralization between remote locations. With its built-in, SIM based, wireless GRPS data transmission technology, HT G-35 seamlessly synchronizes data from the remote terminals with your central server. Latest State-of-the-art Linux PIT operating system enhances its consistent system performance further with optimum stability and perfect reliability.

OSSF fingerprint sensor with 850 dpi resolution is used in HT G-35 integrating live fingerprint detection technology. Live fingerprint recognition eradicates possibilities of security breach with use of counterfeit fingerprint modules.

High resolution fingerprint sensor used in HT G-35 powerfully identifies damaged fingerprints with ease, greatly improving system performance in extreme operational environments.

True color LED display facilitates easy display of information that includes and is not limited to individual personalized information to be displayed to individual user when at the terminal, general urgent notice scroll banner, birthday greetings, company advertisements etc.

With no limit to user and log record capacity, HT G-35 caters efficiently to large manpower arenas. Aptly equipped with a HD Camera, HT G-35 delivers beyond expectations by serving as a live surveillance machine capturing live video over LAN, with live streaming as well as still images. HT G-35 authenticates users by their fingerprints, Cards, PIN codes and all possible combinations thereby providing top notch security.

Data transmission modes range from simple USB flash drive data collection, thru LAN networking, as well as ADSL networks, simple WiFi transmission as well as enhanced wireless GPRS communication. HT G-35 can also be easily integrated with third party door controllers and accessories via Weigand connectivity.

Distinctive definable access control rules that can be applied across departments and even individuals, customizable door control scheduling, built-in as well as external controller support are some of HT G-35’s significant contributions into deploying a highly secure access control requirements.

HT G-35’s precisely defined 6 function keys & automatic user photograph capture accomplishes precise attendance recording requirements.

With its right combination of vital features, HT G-35 is the ultimate choice to fulfill centralized attendance synchronized recording along with secure & reliable biometric access control utilizing the power of fingerprint biometric technology.

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