HT FC-35

Biometric Attendance Machine with Access Control


This biometric attendance machine is a state-of-the-art device that utilizes user’s fingerprints to accurately track employee attendance and for access control to secured premises. This advanced technology eliminates the need for traditional methods like punch cards or passwords, ensuring a secure and tamper-proof system. Integrating live fingerprint detection technology, stable ADSL communication, HT FC-35 is the most preferred choice for Biometric device for Attendance and Access Control security automation requirements. With its built-in ADSL data transmission technology, HT FC-35 seamlessly synchronizes data from the remote terminals with your central server using any simple internet connection.

  • Biometric Device - Fingerprint Reader
  • 4G Upgradable
  • Live Fingerprint Detection
  • Live HD Camera
  • 3G, WiFi & ADSL Communication
  • Biometric Attendance Machine
  • Fingerprint Access Control System
  • Mid-Range Biometric Device- Fully scalable Biometric machine with amazing fingerprint recognition
  • Live Finger Detection- Live Fingerprint detection sensor using OSSF Technology
  • Live HD Camera- High resolution camera captures photograph & video surveillance footage
  • High Resolution Accurate Fingerprint Recognition- Efficiently reads even the toughest fingerprint with 850 dpi fingerprint sensor
  • HD Display- High Resolution 3.5” True Color LED Display
  • Superior data transfer- Stable data transfer with TCP/IP, ADSL and USB flash drive
  • 4G Upgradeable- External 3G dongle for high-speed communication
  • Wireless Communication- External WI-FI communication module
  • Large capacity- Unlimited users and unlimited log capacity with expandable SD memory
  • State-of-the-art Linux PIT OS- Displays notifications, Plays music, advertisement slides, birthday wishes etc.
  • Secure Access Control Security- Fully customizable access control rules & timings

Integrating live fingerprint detection technology, stable ADSL communication, HT FC-35 is the most preferred choice for Biometric Fingerprint Time & Attendance and Access Control security automation requirements. With its built-in ADSL data transmission technology, HT FC-35 seamlessly synchronizes data from the remote terminals with your central server using any simple internet connection. Latest State-of-the-art Linux PIT operating system enhances its dependable system performance with optimum stability plus flawless reliability.

This compact and user-friendly biometric device utilizes unique physiological trait, i.e. fingerprints to identify registered users with exceptional precision and reliability. With a simple touch employees can quickly mark their attendance, eliminating the need for manual processes like paper-based registers or swipe cards. This highly secure and tamper-proof system not only reduces administrative burdens but also minimizes instances of proxy attendance, ensuring a transparent and accountable work environment.

OSSF fingerprint sensor with 850 dpi resolution is used in HT FC-35 integrating live fingerprint detection technology. Live fingerprint recognition eradicates possibilities of security breach with use of imitation fingerprint elements.

High resolution fingerprint sensor used in HT IS-35 powerfully identifies damaged fingerprints with ease, greatly improving fingerprinting performance in extreme operational environments.

True colour HD LED display facilitates easy display of information that includes, and is not limited to, individual personalized information to be displayed to individual user when at the terminal, general urgent notice scroll banner, birthday greetings, company advertisements etc.

With no limit to user and log record capacity, HT FC-35 caters efficiently to large manpower arenas. Aptly equipped with a HD Camera, HT FC-35 delivers beyond expectations by serving as a live surveillance machine capturing 24 X 7 live video, with live streaming as well as still images. HT FC-35 authenticates users by their fingerprints, Cards, PIN codes and all possible combinations for enhanced security.

Data transmission modes range from simple USB flash drive data collection, thru LAN networking, as well as ADSL networks. HT FC-35 can also be easily integrated with door controllers and other door locking mechanisms and related accessories via Weigand connectivity.

Distinctive definable fingerprint access control rules that can be applied across departments and even individuals with customizable door control scheduling and external door controller support are some of HT FC-35’s significant offerings towards arraying highly secure fingerprint access control requirements.

HT FC-35’s two function keys & automatic user photograph capture adds accuracy to attendance recording requirements.

Rightly priced, HT FC-35 is the most preferred biometric device used for fingerprint time attendance & fingerprint access control system that accomplishes all fingerprinting data capture & automation requirements with rapid return on investment (ROI).

  • Live Finger Detection
  • Live HD Camera
  • Video Surveillance & Recording
  • Fingerprint, Card(optional) & PIN User Identification
  • Completely Free Internet Explorer Based Software
  • 4G Upgradable
  • USB Data Transfer
  • 3.5” True Color LED Display
  • Linux PIT Operating System
  • Expandable SD memory
  • Built-in ADSL Communication
  • Dual Function Keys
  • WI-FI Enabled
  • Fully Customizable Access Control Timings & Rules
  • Excellent Accessibility & Data Centralization Options
  • Works seamlessly with other models such as AIDEN, HT PRO, HT CC-35 & HT G-35

Internet explorer based biometric attendance and access control software – Free License

Enhanced Automation Features
  • Automatic data analysis
  • Auto-emailing reports at predefined intervals
Easy Integration
  • Open database structure
  • Integrates easily with ERP & Payroll applications
Software Features for Fingerprint Attendance Recording
  • Open License Internet Explorer based software
  • Built on multi-tier software architecture
  • Incorporates latest SecureID® validation for user login
  • Individual Employees Login to view their attendance, request leaves, describe late attendance reasons etc.
  • Supports concurrent users signing in
  • Online hostable software – access from anywhere in the world after hosting
  • Supports separate privileges for each software user (read/write/delete etc.)
  • Unlimited users and unlimited departments
  • Supports unlimited shifts for well-organized attendance recording
  • Shifts Roster be planned/assigned on Daily, Monthly, Weekly & Yearly basis
  • Separate shifts can be assigned to each staff
Software Features for Fingerprint Access Control System
  • Software includes a live-view module to view the individual outside the door before unlocking
  • Multiple Door control timings for individual users and departments
  • Supports keep open / keep closed access control rules.
  • Automatic data collection can be scheduled at multiple intervals
  • Supports live monitoring & surveillance footage recording
  • Supports door unlocking directly from the software
  • Supports full premise lock down as well as evacuation mode (complete unlock) from the software.
  • Supports Real Time attendance Monitoring
Advanced Reporting Features
  • Report Types: Monthly Report, Department wise reporting, Personnel / individual reports, Symbol report, Daily Time, Daily Sheet, Daily Report, Record/Photo display Report, Unusual Report, Wrong Swipe / key Report
  • Report search supports different criteria (e.g. Absence, leave, late, holiday, holiday overtime, regular overtime etc.)
  • Show/Hide reports’ columns using form settings



4G Module

External SIM based dongle (Optional)

Fingerprint Sensor

Optic Sensor Over Semiconductor Film (OSSF Technology), Resolution - 850 dpi (effective)

Authentication Modes

Fingerprint/Contactless Card/PIN & Combination

Fingerprints per user

10 Fingerprints

Size of Fingerprint File

1.37 KB

FAR (False Acceptance Ratio)


FRR( False Rejection Ratio)


Authentication time (1:N Matching Fully Loaded)

Less than 1 Second

Storage Capacity

256MB Internal IDE Memory/1GB optional SD Card

User Limit (1:1)

1 GB Memory (Unlimited)

Transaction Limit

1 GB Memory (Unlimited)

Communication Methods

TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, ADSL, USB, Weigand, RS485

Door Control

Internal and External Door Controller Supported


3.5 & True Color LED Display.


1.3 Megapixel HD Color Camera


Input: 12V DC, consumption 25W

USB Interface

High speed USB 2.0

Card Reader

Contactless Smart Cards (optional)

Temperature tolerance

5° ~ 52° C


10 % ~ 95% (Non Condensing)

Operating System

Linux PIT

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP / Vista / 7/ 8, 11, Windows Server 2003 / 2008

Supported Accessories

All types of locks & brackets, external card reader, push button releases, relays, fire alarm systems and sensors


173 x 131 x 45 (mm), weight 0.65 Kg

  • Biometric Device for Time Attendance recording
  • Fingerprint Access Control Security
  • HD Live Camera captures photographs of users with every successful user identification
  • Fingerprint / Card(Optional) / PIN / Combination user identification options
  • Supports live surveillance with video recording
  • 850 DPI fingerprint sensor with OSSF Technology
  • Connect to the hardware & amp; software globally via internet
  • Improve transparency between staff and organization with web based individual login for staff to check their records in real time.
  • Attendance recording supported by 6 unique function keys
  • Displays Advertisements with background music
  • 1GB memory provides unlimited users (1:1) & amp; unlimited offline record capacity
  • Supports registration of all 10 fingerprints per user
  • Customizable door lock/unlock rules & amp; department as well as individual access timings
  • Communication via SIM based 3G(optional), TCP/IP, WI-FI, ADSL,RS-485
  • Supports USB flash drive data collection
  • Automatically wish employees on their birthdays
  • Display employee photograph with other information
  • Publish urgent information & amp; notifications on the display screen
  • Publish individual personalized information to be notified to the user on the product screen at the time of their usage.
  • Supports external door controller to prevent intrusion & amp; vandalism
  • Internet Explorer based completely free software package

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