FaceX - IP65 Face Recognition with AI


Explore immense possibilities with FaceX, the next generation biometric system using Face Recognition Biometrics. FACEX achieves precise user recognition using TrueFace™ technology & Artificial Intelligence (AI). FACEX is used for precise attendance tracking, user temperature measurement & as an access control security system. FACEX boasts an IP65 rating, generous user limit of 20,000 users on 1: N matching in less than 1 second m with a powerful Processor, recognizing registered users from up to 3 meters distance, making it the most versatile biometric face recognition system that is commercially available today.

  • IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Face Recognition System
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) with TrueFace™ technology
  • User Capacity of 20,000 Users
  • 0.5 Seconds Authentication on 1:20K Users
  • Recognition distance of up to 3 meters
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 4G GPRS, Bluetooth (Optional)
  • Low Power consumption of 15W
  • IP65 Rating - Waterproof Face Recognition System for indoor as well as outdoor usage.
  • Responsive AI- Continuously learning and adaptive Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition
  • HD Face Recognition Camera- High-Definition Camera provides quick & efficient Face Recognition
  • Alternative Authentication - Use Fingerprints, QR codes, or cards for authentication along with Face Recognition.
  • Temperature Sensor - Check the forehead temperature of both authenticated users as well as visitors automatically.
  • Linux OS- Built the most reliable & scalable Linux 4.19 OS
  • Large User Capacity- Register up to 20K Users for Face Authentication
  • Unique Registration- Upload User Photograph to register the user. AI takes care of the rest.
  • Fastest Face Recognition- With 0.5-Seconds per user on 1:20K, is the fastest Face Recognition System on the planet.
  • Multi-User Recognition- Identifies up to 5 users simultaneously.
  • 3 Meters Recognition- Recognizes registered users from as far as 3 meters away.
  • Powerful Processor- Powered by an efficient & fast 2-Core Processor.
  • Touch Screen Display- Efficient 7” Capacitive Touch Screen Display.
  • Large Storage- 4GB Built-in ROM with 1GB RAM.
  • Compact Design- Elegant & aesthetic compact design with low form factor.
  • Time Attendance- Cloud Ready Time Attendance Software.
  • Payroll Automation - Seamlessly works with HEYCE QuantumSoft Payroll Software.
  • Cloud Ready - Efficient operations on the cloud platform.
  • Access Control- Secure Access Control Security Automation

FaceX is the ultimate Face Recognition System that uses the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to accurately identify registered users using Face Recognition Biometrics. With its compact, elegant design & IP65 rating, the product adapts for every environment, be it your classy office environment or rugged outdoor usage. FaceX recognizes users with ease using face recognition technology while they simply pass by the unit.

The primary usages of FaceX are to function as an effective face recognition time attendance system as well as a face recognition access control system.

Designed on a stable Linux platform, FaceX achieves superior performance in user identification with its powerful HD Face Recognition Camera clubbed with AI & TrueFace™ face recognition algorithm.

Strategically built for large transactions, FaceX can recognize users at a speed of 0.5 seconds per user on its full user capacity of 20,000 face users.

FaceX can be driven to its full potential when optional components such as 4G module, fingerprint sensor, QR reader & temperature sensor are attached to it.

Users’ faces can be identified efficiently from as far as 3 meters. The product is also capable of identifying up to 5 users simultaneously, making it the best face recognition time attendance solution to cater to large workforce movements.

A potent 2-Core Processor fueling FaceX ensures the fastest performance in a face recognition system. Its Dual-core processor packs optimal power to perform all its advanced tasks, including face recognition, data movement, graphical support, and all related calculations, with no lag. The 2-core processor also has a very low power consumption making FACEX complaint to energy efficiency & power consumption norms.

User registration is a breeze with FaceX. Simply upload photographs of the authenticated users into the terminal. Its artificial intelligence is designed to identify the actual face from the uploaded photograph, making it the first of its kind AI face recognition system.

The product screen comprises of a 7” capacitive HD Touch Screen Display. An efficient 5-point touch screen helps easy navigation within the terminal’s menu options. Enclosed right behind the display is a wireless card reader that reads contactless smart cards from 5 – 7 CMS distance making user ID cards an additional mode of user identification for enhanced security.

With its aesthetic & compact design, FaceX fits perfectly into your elegant office environment without occupying any significant space and functions efficiently recognizing authorized personnel using their face biometrics effectively which can be used for face recognition-based time attendance recording as well as for access control security automation.

  • Face Recognition Technology Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • IP65 rated outdoor Face Recognition System.
  • High-Definition Camera aids quick & efficient Face Recognition.
  • Optional Fingerprint & QR Code reader choices.
  • Optional Temperature Sensor & 4G Communication.
  • Built on a highly stable Linux 4.19 OS.
  • Register up to 20K Users for Face Authentication.
  • Upload User Photograph to register user. AI will take care of the rest.
  • With 0.5-Seconds per user on 1:20K, is the fastest Face Recognition System in its class.
  • Identifies up to 5 users simultaneously.
  • Recognizes registered users from as far as 3 meters away.
  • Powered by a potent & efficient 2-Core Processor.
  • Efficient 5 Point Capacitive 7” Touch Screen Display.
  • Supports Card & Face Recognition with combination options.
  • 1GB Built-in RAM with 4GB ROM.
  • Elegant & aesthetic design with small form factor.
  • Cloud Ready Time Attendance software with Face Recognition.
  • Secure Face Recognition Access Control Security.

Face attendance and access control software - Cloud based  

Enhanced Attendance Features
  • Automatic raw punch data analysis
  • Auto-emailing reports at predefined time intervals
Easy Multi-platform Integration
  • Open database structure
  • Integrates easily with most ERP & Payroll applications
Salient Software Features for Time Attendance
  • Web based software with no licensing requirements
  • Built on multi-tier software architecture
  • Incorporates latest SecureID® validation for user login
  • Individual Employees Login to view their attendance, request leaves, describe late attendance reasons etc.
  • Supports unlimited concurrent users sign-in
  • Online software – access from anywhere in the world using internet 
  • Separate  privileges for each software user (read/write/delete etc.)
  • Unlimited users and unlimited departments
  • Create unlimited shifts for well-structured attendance reporting
  • Shifts Roster be planned/assigned on Daily, Monthly, Weekly & Yearly basis
  • Separate shifts can be assigned to each staff
Salient Software Features for Access Control
  • Software includes a live-view module to view the individual outside the door before unlocking
  • Multiple Door control timings for individual users and departments
  • Supports keep open / keep closed access control rules.
  • Automatic data collection can be scheduled at multiple intervals
  • Supports live monitoring
Latest Attendance Reporting Features
  • Report Types: Monthly Report, Department-wise reporting, Personnel / individual reports, Symbol report, Daily Time, Daily Sheet, Daily Report, Record/Photo display Report, Unusual Report, Wrong Swipe / key Report
  • Report search supports various criteria (e.g., Absence, leave, late, holiday, holiday overtime, regular overtime etc.)
  • Show/Hide reports’ columns using form settings
  • Interate with HEYCE QuantumSoft Payroll or any other payroll software




RV1109 Dual core A7,1.5GHz

Authentication Modes

Face Recognition / Contactless Card

RGB Camera

2MP 1.5mm 117°

IR Camera

2MP 1.5mm 117°

Thermal Infrared Camera (Optional)

160X120 Field View Angle 40°

Temp. Measuring Range

0°C ~50°C

Temp. Measuring Distance/ Accuracy

< 3m/ ± 0.3°C

Stranger Access Mode

Normal Temperature Allow/Deny Access

FAR (False Acceptance ratio)


FRR (False Rejection ratio)


Authentication time (1:N Matching fully loaded)

Less than 1 second

Storage Capacity

1GB RAM & 4GB ROM (Upgradable)

User Limit (1:1)


Operating System

Linux 4.19

Communication methods

Ethernet 10/100Mbps, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n(2.4G) 


Three-way expansion (Door Lock, Exit Button, Fire Alarm)


7” IPS HD Capacitive 5 Point Touch 6H Hardened, Luminescence ≥ 85%


Input: 12V DC, Consumption <10W, Max <15W

Card Reader

Contactless Smart Cards, Reading Distance: 2.5-5cm

Temperature tolerance

-20° ~ +60° C

Weather Proof

IP65 Waterproof


20 % ~ 90% (Non Condensing)


1W Built-in Speaker


Auto-restart on Error / Failure


220 x 115 x 20 (mm), weight 990 gms

  • IP 65 Rated Outdoor Biometric Face Recognition System
  • Time & Attendance Recording
  • Adaptive in all environments including outdoor
  • Suitable for Hygiene Sensitive Environments
  • Highly recommended for labor workforce scenarios
  • Perfect for High Volume & Mass Movement requirements
  • Automation of Payroll, HR management and administration
  • Easy third party Payroll Software integration
  • Implement flexible work timings to motivate your staff with perfect work life balance
  • Minimize paperwork & fully automate HR tasks such as leave controlling, shift management, attendance logs etc.
  • Reduce operational costs & improve efficiency
  • Prevent misconduct & negligence with HR as well as organization security
  • Seamlessly integrate with emergency and fire alarm systems to fully comply with civil defense norms

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