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IntelliFace ™ Powered by AI


HT G-5 is a face recognition attendance machine is an innovative and advanced solution that revolutionizes the traditional methods of employee attendance tracking. Leveraging sophisticated facial recognition technology, these machines accurately identify and record the presence of individuals in a quick and contactless manner. Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Biometrics, HT G-5 delivers the ultimate face recognition in a compact terminal powered on a rugged Android platform. Achieve precise attendance tracking & secure access control with its generous user limit of 20,000 users. HT G-5 boasts a powerful 8-Core Processor, recognizing registered users using face recognition in less than 2 seconds, from a distance of 3 meters, making it the most powerful biometric system in its class.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Face Recognition
  • Recognizes up to 5 users simultaneously
  • User Capacity of 20,000 Users
  • 2 Seconds Authentication on 1:20K Users
  • Recognition distance of up to 3 meters
  • Face Recognition Time Attendance & Access Control
  • Powerful AI- Artificial Intelligence Powered Face Recognition Technology
  • HD Face Recognition Camera -High Definition Camera aids quick & efficient Face Recognition
  • Android OS -Built on a scalable Android 8.1 OS
  • Large User Capacity -Register up to 20K Users with Face Authentication
  • Unique Registration- Upload User Photograph to register user. AI will take care of the rest.
  • Fastest Face Recognition- With 2-Seconds per user on 1:20K, is the fastest Face Recognition System in its class
  • Multi-User Recognition- Identifies up to 3users simultaneously.
  • 3Meters Recognition- Recognizes registered users from as far as 3 meters away
  • Powerful Processor- Powered by an efficient & fast 8-Core Processor
  • Touch Screen Display- Efficient 5 Point Capacitive Touch Screen Display
  • 2-1 Authentication- Supports Card & Face Recognition with combination options
  • Large Storage- 16GB Built-in ROM with 2GB RAM
  • Compact Design- Elegant & aesthetic compact design
  • Time Attendance- Cloud Ready Time Attendance Solution
  • Access Control- Secure Access Control Security Automation

HT G-5 is the ultimate Face Recognition System that utilizes the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to accurately identify registered users using Face Recognition Technology. With its compact and elegant design, the product fits aesthetically into your classy office environment & recognizes users using face recognition technology while they simply pass by the unit.

Designed on a rugged Android platform, HT G-5 achieve superior performance in user identification with its powerful HD Face Recognition Camera. Built for large transactions, HT G-5 can recognize users at a speed of 2 seconds per user on its full load of 20,000 users.

Users’ faces can be identified from as far as 3 meters with ease. The product is also capable of identifying up to 5 users simultaneously, making it the ultimate face recognition solution to

A potent 8-Core Processor powers HT G-5 facilitating fastest performance in a face recognition system. Its Octa-core processor packs the right power to perform all the advanced tasks, including face recognition, data movement, graphical support and all related calculations with no lag. The Octa-core processor also has a very low power consumption making HT G-5 complaint to green power consumption standards

User registration is a breeze with HT G-5. Simply upload photographs of the authenticated users into the terminal. Its artificial intelligence is designed to identify the actual face from the uploaded photograph, making it the first of its kind face recognition terminal.

The product screen is a 5” capacitive HD Touch Screen Display. An efficient 5-point touch screen makes navigation within the terminal quick and easy. Enclosed right behind the display is a wireless card reader that reads contactless smart cards from a distance of 5 – 7 CMS, addition an additional mode of user identification and security.

With its aesthetic & compact design, HT G-5 fits right into your elegant office environment without occupying much space and functions efficiently recognizing authorized personnel using their face biometrics effectively for accurate time attendance recording as well as access control security automation.

Uniquely definable access control rules that can be applied across departments and even individuals, built-in as well as external controller support are some of HT G-5’s momentous offerings towards deploying a highly secure access control environment

HT G-5’s is uniquely designed for precise attendance & HR automation requirements.

A well performing technology at low implementation costs, HT G-5 is the most preferred choice for basic attendance recording and access control security using the power of fingerprint biometric technology.