Access Control Power Supply (Door Controller)  with Battery Backup


Add security to your access control with this Door Controller that functions as a power supply for access control & other security systems. Ideal and fully compatible with access control systems & readers. A door controller power supply with battery backup is a great way to ensure the security of your property. This type of controller is equipped with an on-board battery that provides backup power in case of a power outage. This means that even when the power goes out, your access control system will still be operational ensuring that your property remains secure even when the power is unavailable.

  • Power Supply for Access Control
  • Access Control Door Controller
  • Supports Various Readers & Access Systems
  • Power Stabilizer with Built-in UPS Backup Battery
  • Integrate with all Security & ELV Systems
  • Wall & Ceiling mount options



Input Power

220V, 50Hz AC Power Supply

Output Supply

12V DC, 5A

Output Ports

12V DC, GND, Push 1, Push2, Control, NO, NC & COM

Battery Input

Direct input port for Battery Backup

Voltage Stabilization

Built-in power surge protector and voltage stabilizer


Hard Metallic Shell with Key-Lock

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