Cyber Safety

Cyber-safety: Today’s most important tool for your online protection

Children are particularly vulnerable to cyber crimes, as they often lack the knowledge and experience to navigate the risks of the digital world. They may unknowingly share personal information or engage with strangers online, which can lead to cyberbullying, sextortion, or grooming for sexual exploitation. Children may also be exposed to violent or inappropriate content, which can impact their mental health and well-being. Furthermore, cyber criminals often target children for identity theft, credit card fraud, and other financial crimes. The impact of cyber crimes on children can be devastating, leading to emotional distress, anxiety, and trauma. Therefore, it is crucial for parents, caregivers, and educators to educate children on safe online practices, monitor their online activities, and take necessary measures to protect them from cyber threats. If you notice your children are spending a lot of time on online on social media, it is important to know their entire online activity – here is how!

Our Solution: A Home Computer Monitor: The Best Parenting Tool for the Modern Family

  • Get emailed reports about what’s happening on your home PC. Check in on your child’s computer activity from the office or while you’re traveling.
  • View activity with total invisibility. Our software doesn’t slow down their computer. They know you’re watching, but don’t know when – encouraging them to stay on their best behavior.
  • Track websites they visit. Your kid may be smart enough to delete their browser history if they’re going to websites they shouldn’t visit. Now you can see it in a recorded log.
  • Record e-mails and IM chats. Know if online predators or cyber-bullies are threatening your child.
  • Record screenshots and generate reports.

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