Activity Monitor


Monitor every computer in realtime on your Local Area Network or anywhere in the world. Positively ensure that your remote working or hybrid teams are engaged, productive and your data always secure. Whether you wish to monitor company laptops or university campus network users, Activity Monitor from SoftActivity remains the ideal monitoring software for your user activity monitoring requirements.

"Sadly, your people are out of control. Work is undefined during working hours.  They’re on Facebook. Looking for designer shoes on eBay. Watching funny cat videos. Conquering a Massive Multiplayer kingdom. Even worse, confidential information is leaking outside your network – but who did it?"

Get the Employee Monitoring Software that works effectively

Remotely Monitor & track all Work Computers. View their computers in realtime – from your own computer. SoftActivity Monitor can work invisibly (with users' consent to collection of information. Softactivity ensures that there is no negative effect on the speed or performance of their computers running this monitoring application.

Track websites visited. Tom from accounting was on Facebook during working hours for 3 hours a day, every day this week? Let him explain that to HR.

Track their work time and time away from the computer. Productivity reports show login, logoff times, and when users are idle.

Record & monitor keystrokes in work apps, emails, websites, and IM chats in realtime. See what’s happening, live, as it’s happening. End workplace harassment, IP theft and more.

View multiple computers simultaneously. See disasters coming and prevent them from happening in realtime.

Generate reports and schedule screen captures. Enforce the company's computer use policy.

Protect against insider threats. Your employees could be putting your company at risk by sharing sensitive information.

SoftActivity Computer Monitor benefits. Easy user monitoring for organizations.
  • Know exactly what employees are doing on their computers
  • Investigate security incidents, perform employee investigations
  • Protect your company from fraudulent activity.
  • Protect from intellectual property and trade secrets theft
  • Keep records of your company’s electronic communications
Detailed SoftActivity features:

Remotely Monitor all Work Computers.View employee computers in realtime – from your own computer. SoftActivity Monitor can work invisibly without slowing down their computers. (Users’ consent to collection of information may be required)

Realtime monitoring– you see it instantly when users type text on their computers and see their live screen.

Auto-detection of all networked computers with Agent installed in the same subnet.

Monitor multiple employee computers simultaneously from a single workstation in LAN ( Screenshot).

Stealth operation makes it difficult for an employee or computer user to find as it runs completely invisibly. Users cannot see or terminate SoftActivity Agent in Task Manager. They will not be able to see or alter the recorded logs either.

Remote Operation helps you to Install, uninstall, and update Agent program from the administrator’s computer or server.

Auto-download of recorded logs from all computers to a central database on your server.

Auto-update of Agents on all remote computers from the admin’s monitoring console eliminates the requirement to reinstall the client on all computers individually when a new version is released.

Visible mode in Client App allows you to notify employees about monitoring of their actions. It will display a notification to users when they sign in to Windows, so they remember about their activity being recorded, show a customizable warning message about your computer usage policy, display an icon in system tray.

Quick, Easy & Efficient usage of Softactivity Monitoring Software with its simplified and user-oriented design.

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